Who are we?

Petrol Ofisi Group's venture into gaming technologies has given rise to Rune Games.

We are an innovative company in gaming technologies, committed to delivering entertaining content with the aim of spreading the joy of gaming to everyone.

Our priority is to offer players an exhilarating gaming experience while maintaining a dynamic and motivated team. We invest in potential, talent, and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in both innovation and audience engagement.

As we dream to captivate wide audiences, our vision involves undertaking extraordinary initiatives in the field of gaming and entertainment, placing a strong emphasis on technology and transformation. We unite intelligent, talented, and vibrant individuals who align with our mission. If you believe in your talent and potential, there could be a place for you here at Rune Games.

Our Values

Player Experience

We believe in the power of data. As a result of analysis and research, we make investments and developments that will improve the gaming experience.


We do everything with fun. And we try to integrate entertainment into our players’ lives with the games that we develop.


We believe in the power of imagination. We chase after the ideas that are considered impossible and try to turn them into reality. 

Inclusion and Diversity

We set a high bar for inclusion and diversity. We create an environment for everyone to be their authentic selves, to fulfill their true potentials and design games that foster the same values. 

Career OpportunItIes 

Rune Games. Seeking after creativity and talent.   

We become stronger by supporting every member of our team, but also challenge each other. We work together to become the best of ourselves. If you want to be part of a team that works with passion, growing every day and aiming to make a huge impact, take a look at our job postings on Linkedin.

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